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  1. EasyKext Pro "A Minimal and Super Fast Kext installer"

    Why is this programme tagged with Yosemite if it won't run on Yosemite? And why doesn't it?
  2. Asus P5N7A-VM

    also just for the record or Google that is: Installing Yosemite using Clover on P5N7A-VM with BIOS 519 and no external DSDT. You have to use the I/O BIOS Block option. Executable Bit must be disabled or it will crash the moment XNU tries to say something. I assume I didn't need it before because the flashed Bios i had back then must have blocked that part so I wasn't aware (and it was in 2009 or something!). Drop the whole SSDT table, else crash acpi plattform. For my CPU, Core2Quad Q8200, generating C and P-states didn't work, although Clover lists them with the right values, it only has 2 of each. Selecting the KernelPM patch enables it. No Null CPU needed. ACPI must be Patched. In regard to USB, it doesn't matter what is set in the Bios, I guess because the table gets dropped. Still not really happy with it (pain from the beginning with this board. I blame Asus.) Having the clock injected lets the System sleep, even in front of the installer. Wake up with power button all fine. But the USB won't work! Only selecting fix USB in the DSDT has USB working (sort of) but sleep and restart is now broken, I need to fix this. It must sleep else this thing uses way to much energy by todays standards. Graphics is done with injecting nvidia, I only tested it with one Display but all outputs work (it should be able to do any 2 out of 3 if it is working right, I think it is) Audio? Just use Voodoo. It is far superior to patching. It doesn't pop and it won't break. You even can adjust the amplifier. But the optical doesn't work, well that is a technology gone by anyway.
  3. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Hi, I just tried to update this old thing to Yosemite. Thought about getting the Server app and playing around a bit. This machine worked fine for years. Now I am not even getting the panic freeze. It simply restarts. Anyone who has this running on yosemite might mind sharing his Extra folder and what BIOS he is using? That would be great.
  4. OS X Yosemite available today...

    I had this on all my computers )including real macs) starting with the first Yosemite betas. If you turn on the console you see what the problems is. It takes ages to move loads of tiny small files. This abundance of small files comes from my LaTeX installation. It is true Unix 1 billion tiny files stuff. Eventually it is done, took 3h on my MBP2010
  5. Cheers, that worked for the glitches at the boot and for the glitches after sleep. Now I only have to figure out why the mouse cursor slows down when I turn of the primary monitor and only have the secondary running.
  6. care to be a bit more specific? I am on Clover and it glitches (on HD4600 dual monitor)
  7. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    I thought I was replying to some post (not yours) but I don't know which anymore. I probably just screwed up, might have been even another window with another thread.
  8. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    kernel.zipThis is taken from a Yosemite GM (14A379a) install from System/Library/Kernels
  9. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Hi, I'm on the GM1 of Yosemite. Has anyone here tried to use Netflix without Silverlight? In Safari of course. My Z87 Haswell Hack on internal graphics should be able to do it Hardware wise but Netflix won't let me use HTML5 over Silverlight. My Mid2010 MBP can't do it so I can not check if it is not implemented yet or something Hacks might not be able to do or only with additional tweaking.
  10. clover disables keyboard

    Cheers, this solved it for me as well on a Z87N-WiFi (although I havn+t checked if USB3 is actually working, but all the ports are working again at 2.0)
  11. but there seem to be issues getting more then one display working. in theory the 4600 should do three. Hopefully we will be moving either to a full 10.8.5 or the Maverick final soon. the former seems more likely to happen before the mac pro release in autumn. I really want to upgrade from my LGA775 system. but it needs to do at least dual screen, else it would be somewhat of a downgrade.
  12. anyone using the internal graphics only? fully usable? all ports working
  13. wouldn't this mean that 3rd party kexts wouldn't be allowed. This would however limit 3rd party hardware and can't be really in apples interest. If 3rd party hardware kexts are still allowed couldn't we just patch apple kexts an reintroduce them as 3rd party kexts? I don't have much of an insight in such things though.
  14. OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    does it do haswell cpus? since haswell MBAs have been released there must be a kernel that runs them
  15. Haswell is HERE now!

    well, I very much welcome Haswell. I am still on a core2quad. To be honest, it served me well, worth every penny. I did wanted to upgrade for some time now but just couldn't justify buying into 1155 based chips given that they are now around for ages. So I can finally make a step up, although not really for processing power. I don't do gaming nor encoding/decoding. Compiling LaTex documents is the only thing were it bugs me, but that is such a simple process only clock-rate helps not architecture. Upgrading will bring me thunderbolt and USB3 on an itx board with 16gb or more of ram and a powerfull onboard graphic. I hope we will see some it boards shipped with the soldered on GTe3 variant. My guess is this will be what we will find in apples line up.