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The new mini-itx by intel

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Hi Guys


I have tried it on that motherboard and even better i have tried it on the new dual core version of the same board


the copy i used was one that i found on the net by Aitkos.


It installed and runs very nice.


if you want details about what to chose on the options just let me know.

Here is my specs:

intel D945DGCLF-2 intel atom dual core 1.6Ghz

Elixir 2gb DDR2 800Mhz

seagate 80Gb 5400Rpm 8Mb Buffer 2.5inch HDD

LG External USB powered DVD-rewriter with Lightscribe

Standard 300W micro ATX power supply.

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I ordered the intel D945DGCLF-2...it should arrives soon...

You know, you don't need 800Mhz RAM. The bus reads at 667Mhz max. (Tha't what I saw in the manual.)


just a little infomation:


the intel dg945gclf is a intel atom mobo w/ intel 230 single core atom proc


the intel dg945gclf-2 is a intel atom mobo w/ intel 330 dual core atom proc


the intel dg45fc is a g45 chipset mobo w/ lga775 proc socket (only things that dont work on this mobo is: audio and gfx)


with that information you should be set.



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I also just tried another version of the leopard10.5.4 by iDeneb and it also works great.

the other cool thing was that i was able to just add the hdd with OSX to my HP notebook and it worked perfectly.


i only used 800mhz ram because it was cheaper and works just the same even though it clocks down to 667mhz

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quick new guy question at work will do research as soon as it slows donw, but does the audio work in surround sound off these boards? with the "hackintosh" os PLUS ive got mac install dvds whats the best guide for install on this board with original cds


thanks, i NORMALLY owuld never jsut post without mre reading, ive done maybe 20mins will do HRS today looking for a direction to hunt

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