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[Updated] Acer 4320 Add Internal USB Hub, Camera & Bluetooth.


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I have a low end laptop and it no have a internal bluetooth, and connect an adapter

bluetooth everyday is not good idea ...


The device manager says 10 ports usb and only four are for the normal user and another six are in the chipset (intel design page), the laptop Acer 4720 is the same that 4320 but with two extra devices; CCD Camera and Bluetooth then the idea is find the internal usb points or connector where is originally connected those devices.


Tools list:


1.- Driverscrew (cross type)

2.- Solder gun & solder past

3.- Some wires

4.- USB female conector

5.- Multimeter




1.- Disassembly the laptop ...

2.- Attached motherboard picture showing the jumper and connector locations:



I used the CN6 Connector, only that the 5V USB is not present here, then i decided take the 5V power from some USB port.


Note: Standard bluetooth only need about 50mA, and a USB Standard port give up 500mA.


And finally the USB Bluetooth is installed inside the laptop in the RAM compartment.


Update: Added USB Hub, USB WebCam and USB Flash

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I'm too lazy to make this step. Anyway, Acer is {censored} and I learned to pay some extra bucks for getting better quality and didn't get {censored} overheat each time I'm in windows for 25 mins. But thanks alot for sharing your knowledge.. And btw, I used to be a hardware tech for IBM so I'm pretty advance in laptop hardware :angry2:

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Updated for add these devices:


USB Hub 2.0 4 Ports


|--> USB Flash 1.0GB

|--> USB WebCam 1.3MP

|--> USB Bluetooth

|--> Free


and reworked the ugly (black/red/white/green) cable.


Pic & screenshot:







The webcam is where should be and looks almost stock, i not have a camera with high resolution for take a photo with details.

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