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Easy BCD bootloader file.

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Ok, I will try and be as detailed as possible.


I recently had Kalyway working on my PC happily until I screwed up and am now trying to reinstall it.


I have a Windows HDD which is solely for XP and another which was for Leopard. Since my re installation I have split the Leopard HDD into 2 partitions, "Leopard" and "Time Machine" Pretty obvious what they are planned for.


Because of this I need to edit my Bootloader, I am using easyBCD and have selected a MacOSx86 generic PC type and the right drive but when I check the settings I have:


Name: Leopard

BCD ID: {4c2bf6b3-cef5-11dc-ae7c-005056c00008}

Drive: H:\

Bootloader Path: \NST\nst_mac.mbr


I don't even have a NST foler on this Partition so I am wondering what file I should link the bootloader to.

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