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  1. On my system it works fine, I'm trying to earn enough to get a real Mac but the Hackintosh is doing well, if you on an AMD device there are steps you need to take and some limitations, but not many. But on my Intel Pentium Dual Core it works great, a bit slow sometimes but it is a lower spec than even the Mac Mini
  2. Hello everyone, school is soon starting for me and I have been looking at laptops to use for school work, games and development for the iPhone around the £450 mark and have set myself on the Toshiba Satellite L300 - 1DI which suits everything I need I believe. But before I jump straight in and blow £450 on a laptop that will never happily take OSx86 I thought I'd get an idea from the experts As far as I can tell Vanilla should work so I may even be able to get Snow Leopard on there but I am not too sure about the graphics or the motherboard chipset. Here is the official Toshiba Page for it: Toshiba Satellite L300 - 1DI Thanks for your time leejames04
  3. Intel E5200 Core 2 Duo?

    Thanks, just did another google search to compare it to the Core 2 Duo version and an interesting thread came up which was reasonably easy to understand. The E5200 is a Pentium Dual Core but has 1MB Less L2 than it's more expensive brother, but is great for overclocking so can outstrip it easily. Will deposit money tomorrow when I find a good MB and possibly a new graphics card, anyone have any ideas?
  4. Hey everyone, I recently "aquired" The Sims 3 due to being a big fan of the games and whilst it has been fun on my current system it is slow as hell and has given me a justification to upgrade my PC a little. Whilst shopping around for Dual Core Processors I saw this supposed Intel Core 2 Duo E5200 for about £55 and thought yes! A cheap yet good dual core processor. Link: http://www.awd-it.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=4733 When google searching to read about it I was getting a lot of Pentium Dual Core E5200 which confused me. But to make things even moe confusing I looked at Motherboard bundles and saw this bundle with the E5200 still as a Core 2 Duo, Link: http://www.awd-it.com/scripts/prodView.asp...rd+Bundle+BU069 So my biggest question is whether the E5200 is a Core 2 Duo or as I suspect a Pentium Dual Core. A few more things I'd like to clear up is a laymans guide to Intel Dual Cores and whether anybody has seen any good Processor/Motherboard Deals (Preferably Core 2 Duo) with support for DDRII 533 / 400 RAM, an even bigger plus would be AGP 8x support but not essential that can run Sims 3 smoothly for a while. Sorry for this big demand but my heads hurting. Leejames04
  5. Well I did a search and couldn't find any threads which said to developers to show off whatever they have made. There is one to show what you are working on but not the finished product. Anyway my Application is for the iPhone. Here is the common post
  6. I have a full SDK license and have uploaded an App to the App Store with no problems, however any money I make from this App will go towards a Macbook (Pro), just make sure to keep a back up of everything, especially your public and private keys in case you OSx86 machine dies.
  7. Hello everyone. Soon I will have finished my GCSE's and will be starting Sixth Form, for then I would like to own a Macbook or Macbook Pro that can also be used for iPhone development and School Work. However I am not sure that I will be able to afford a Macbook by that time. What I would like to know is if there are any reasonably good laptops (15"+) that would run Vanilla, to make upgrading easy, and Leopard. I am uncertain about my budget at the moment, if I say around £400/£450 max Thanks in advance leejames04
  8. My Windows Sev7en Evolution

    For the install, did you have to clean install or could you do an "upgrade"?
  9. My personal osx86 story!

    This amazing post has made me feel quite ashamed of myself for not doing the same thing. I have not had an amazingly long experience of my own PC but I have sure screwed mine up enough in the time that I have. I stumbled upon Insanely when someone on another forum posted about the ability to install MacOSX onto a PC, I looked into this and failed many a time, would face some success, then have it all fall again. I am currently at the begining of reinstalling the OS onto my PC again but that should run smoothly. Through my trials and tribulations I have had many a chance to brag about the fact I have the best of both worlds but for me it was simple compared to the awesome people that have made this happen so I would like to show my gratitude. THANK YOU SO MUCH! P.S since finding out about this scene I have grown more and more in love with Mac's and hope to purchse a proper one soon.
  10. Ok, I will try and be as detailed as possible. I recently had Kalyway working on my PC happily until I screwed up and am now trying to reinstall it. I have a Windows HDD which is solely for XP and another which was for Leopard. Since my re installation I have split the Leopard HDD into 2 partitions, "Leopard" and "Time Machine" Pretty obvious what they are planned for. Because of this I need to edit my Bootloader, I am using easyBCD and have selected a MacOSx86 generic PC type and the right drive but when I check the settings I have: I don't even have a NST foler on this Partition so I am wondering what file I should link the bootloader to.
  11. Repair a screwed up update?

    I don't know what kext's I need, I used the kalyway 10.5.2 installer with no extra things. What kext's I need.
  12. I installed the 10.5.5 update but screwed up :S, luckily I can see all my Mac OS files in Windows with thanks to MacDrive. So I have 2 questions. 1.) Is it possible to sort out the screwed update with in windows with the help of MacDrive? 2.) If so what files do I need to find/change? and before you as yes, I do deserve this problem as I didn't back up my files
  13. Reasons why I should buy a Mac

    My two cents, I know it has been pretty much been said before, but mac's are more future proof than PC's, mainly because Apple have an idea of the resources needed by their OS as they develop it, I am looking on ebay for a Mac, due to a lack of funds and a dead PC so I may as well make the transition, and I am seeing G4 iMac's that are going but are still pretty high spec for what they were at the time. But before my computer died I had Leopard running reasonably well on a 3.33GHz Single Core PC with 768MB Ram and it was pretty speedy at that speed, change that to a dual core processor and at least of 1GB of Ram and you have a pretty dam good computer. Anyway I am trailing off. They're a bit more future proof than PC's for the same price, plus the OS is a lot more cleaner and quicker updated, Vista SP1 has recently been released when Leopard is looking at Revision 4 and it hasn't been out too much longer than Vista. My Two Cents.
  14. XP question.

    My computer recently died and I am thinking of getting a Macbook. However I plan to get two external casings for my internal hard drives to use them as external drives, I am planning on one being an XP one that I can connect when in my room. But I am wondering if this would be possible or would I need to take the external drive with me?
  15. I am quite new to programming all together but have a good grasp on C++, I recently made a Guess My Number game in C++ and I am now trying to create a Guess my Number Game for iPhone and iPod Touch, mainly due to the hard times we are facing financially since my Dad passed away and I want to help my Mum with something that I can be proud of and I know my Dad would be. However I have hit a big problem. I have made a View Based App and have created the look in IB and written the classes over, however the main.m is being a pain and not recognizing any Subclasses I type in even after importing the MyView.h file, this is a problem as what I think may work will not work because it doesn't like me . Here are the two files codes: Main.m: // // main.m // Guess My Number 1.2 // // Created by James Lee on 07/08/2008. // Copyright __MyCompanyName__ 2008. All rights reserved. // #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> #import "MyView.h" int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { int tries; tries = 0; int Thisnumber; srand((0)); Thisnumber = random() % 100 + 1; NSAutoreleasePool * pool = [[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init]; int retVal = UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, nil); [pool release]; return retVal; } and the MyView.h: #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> @interface MyView : UIView { IBOutlet UILabel *answerLabel; IBOutlet UITextField *guessText; IBOutlet UILabel *triesLabel; NSString *GuessTextString; } - (IBAction)Guessbutton; @end Please help