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Can my Dell Inspiron Mini Install Guide be made a sticky?


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I have created this guide for everyone here, so I hope this can be made a sticky so it does not get lost in all the other posts!


** Rough and Ready Install Guide for iATKOS v4i on Dell Inspiron Mini **

** This guide should also work with other 10.5.4 DVD's although I have not tested this yet **


** From the options when installing first time**


1. Install vanilla kernel with vanilla acpi

2. Leave everything else unticked


** It takes on average 15-30 minutes to install from DVD **


** First Boot **


1. Run bcm43xx_enabler.sh from the shell for example sudo /tmp/bcm43xx_enabler.sh and follow prompts and reboot

2. Run all packages in the packages folder

3. Run Kext Helper and install all kexts from the Kexts folder and reboot

4. Run ALC268_Installer1 and reboot

5. Repair Permissions with Disk Utility upon reboot.


Once you have done this hopefully you'll have the following working.


1. Wireless

2. Bluetooth

3. Sound

4. Graphics

5. time machine works with one small problem (noted below)


** Problems noted **


1. Apple Time Capsule restores but does not boot, need to boot from usb and run chameleon installer to repair

2. JMicron Multi Card Reader does not work

3. Power Management not working

4. Wrong Keyboard mappings (@ is " and vice versa)

5. speedstep not working


** The End **


Attachments below :)


And now the fun bit.... benchmarks and other stuff!!


1. Boots up in around 25 seconds

2. GeekBench scored between 907 - 917

3. 600mb or more free ram after bootup


** Final notes **


I am actively looking for solutions to each and all the problems and hope with time and experience to create a custom osx installation dvd to include all fixes so it works out the box just like a real macintosh.


Have fun everyone and let me know how you all get on!




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