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Maby Your Could Get Sound And Networking In Vmware

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Its just an idea, I dotn know how far it will get but,


has anyone thought about getting the info on the emulated hardware in vmware, once your found it out, then maby you could find mac drivers for it,


I know for sure that my windows XP in vmware says the soundcard is some kind of soundblaster pci card, and i did a google check on some info I found about it (ven_1274dev_1371subsys_13711) and it says its some kind of soundblaster 16 card, someone correct me if im wrong but if your were able to find a mac driver for that specific card would sound not function in VMware,


if its an older mac driver you would have to have SSE3 or have a pached coregraphics and rosetta


The same concept would apply for the network card, find the info look for a driver,


would the hardware be diffrent based on OS?

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