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8800GT not working with Leo4AllV3 (10.5.2)


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Hey guys, I have a weird problem,


My 8800GT 512MB doens't work on Leo4AllV4 10.5.2, I used NVidia Installer V2.0 by Punk92 and selected nVinject 0.2.1-->512MB video card..


I rebooted, and when I got into Leopard..My resolution wasn't changed, and I had no QE support..BUT it did see that it's an 8800GT by NVIDIA with 512MB...As if it worked half way..


Here's the weird thing, I used it before on Kalyway 10.5.2 and it worked perfectly there, not any problem what so ever!! So I wonder...How come it doens't work with Leo4AllV3 but it does with Kalyway..


I need Leo4AllV3, since Kalyway gives me random freezes and I want to try Leo4AllV3 to see if that one works better..


Soo...does anyone know HOW I can make my 8800GT work with Leo4AllV3??


Thanks a lot:)

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