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Problem with monitor resolution


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hi...i have a problem after the installation of osx tiger on my pc:

hp pavillion zd7000


cpu intel pentium 4 ht 2,79GHz

memory 1Gb DDR

bus 800MHz


Model Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600

Type: Monitor

Bus: AGP

VRAM (tot): 64 MB

LCD colors:

monitor: LCD

Res: 1152 x 720

Prof: Color 32-bit

Core Image: Not Support

Mirror: Off

Online: Yes

Quartz Extreme: Not Support


when i instll the sys i sees screen perfet...it appen also when sys boot(i see cleary the gray apple)...but when i am in the os i see screen very bad...i see little vertical pixel line...i have try to change the resolution but nothing appened...in the screen panel i have no possibility to select the frame rate of the monitor...

i also try to connetc an external LCD monitor to the pc...in this case i see all cleary and i can changhe resolution and frame rate...

can anyone help me to fix this problem???

i want use this laptop without external monitor...but whit his monitor...

scuse me for english...


tanks a lot...

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