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AD2000b on Asus P5Q-E


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Any one else having this issue on the P5Q-E by Asus?


I can play iTunes music just fine but soon as OS X tries to play more than one sound at a time or even some more complex sounds it Crackles and Fizzes.


Now by default the sound didn't work at all I had to grab a set of kext files from this site in the P5Q install of 10.5 to get it to run put there by Nickers or something to that effect, can't remember the good chap's name.


Any way, if any one has solved this or it's just due to the current lack of better drivers let me know!




Intel Quad Core @ 2.5

4gigs DDR 1066


Radeon 4870 (running off a VESA Driver Sadly at 1400x1050)

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