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X1600 Pro (71C2) dual monitor under 10.5.4?

Dan Druff

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I'm trying to get my Radeon X1600 Pro AGP 256MB to run under 10.5.4 (with mosltly vanilla kext) with dual monitor. I'm still unable to get it working using EFI string, values seems to be incorrect and I'm unable to get the right ones.


I had success with Modbin method by replacing 71C6 by 71C2 in plist of ATIinject.kext and ATIRadeonX1000.kext, see here for original post, but I wasn't able to get dual monitor on the DVI plug (only a mirror of the primary display).


So, I'm looking for an injector that will inject the correct values to the hackintosh.


Using diabolik installer NatitX1600.r1v3.Installer.zip I can also get 10.5.2 working.


BTW, with only natit.kext (X1600 dual display version by dm_webd, look here) installed, I had partial success under 10.5.4. I booted and the screen was only blue with the mouse (movable), by activating voice-over, I could hear what I was doing but not see (selecting items on the desktop, opening menu and so on). By activating sleep, the display appeared briefly with native resolution (1680X1050) and faded to sleep. Wakening it would bring back the display at native resolution but the computer was then dead and not responding to any input. I guess that even if sleep can't be activated properly, the display could be with right values. I need more knowledge of the natit kext value setting or even the kext in itself to go further.


[EDIT] Using IONDRVsupport ver. 1.4.3 with the dualx1600 natit let me enter the GUI, change resolution and get QE/CI, I'll check for dual monitor support and post results



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Good Day!


Whould you be a peace of kind explain me how Yor use dual1600natit.plist with ATIinject.kext to activate dual view? i've complite QE/CI and resolution/rotation, but have too only a mirror on second DVI-plug.


i've have working 1.5 version of IONDRVsupport.kext. the older 143 version seem not work for me(dont enter to gui and hang a hakc)


where i may to add something to activate a dual viewer?


My ID 71c2 /Vendor 1002


thanks you!

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Hi Shaverdoff Gerasim,


I use natit dual on my computer but as stated before, I only have a mirror of the display. I'm also looking for the full dual display support.


BUT you have a working 1.5 version of IONDRVSupport? If you could send it to media fire or tell me where to get it, I would be VERY pleased, my 1.4.3 gives me some glitches on display, some very minor image tearing on OpenGL rendering.

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