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Yet another 8800GTS 320 Thread


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I have recently installed MAc Osx86 10.5.2 (Kalyway) on my system. I used the NVinject for 8800 320megs that was included with the install.


My pc (Erm..Mac) worked after I booted after the instal, but since I rebooted it nolonger starts. It gets to a black screen that kinda looks like something is going on on the screen.

My system doesn't freeze, caps lock still shows up, and I can hear HDD activity. I just can't get video. In safe mode it all works, I can put my monitor in 1900x1440.


Any suggestions? I've looked high and low in this forum, and others (Including the NVinject forums, all posts were unanswered or people found their solution and didn't post it.)


Thanks for your help.

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