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what to download for my compaq


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its a compaq presario SR5501p


Mainboard : Asus IVY8

Chipset : nVidia 6100V

Processor : AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ @ 2200 MHz

Physical Memory : 3072 MB

Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

Hard Disk : ST3200826AS (200 GB)

Hard Disk : WDC (160 GB)

DVD-Rom Drive : TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552L

DVD-Rom Drive : GH5087P SJO742Q SCSI CdRom Device

Monitor Type : K917s - 19 inches

Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 3

DirectX : Version 9.0c


these are my specs, can someone drop a name of something to look for? i need somthing that wont give me all thoes errors that everyone seems to be getting please? someone....all i want is to be able to get xp off this and move on to leopard. ive spent hours and im sick and tired of trying


ive got like 4 dvds of leopard that wont install for some reason, some wont go past the kernal error, some freeze on the install progress bar and others stall out on the restart boot because of ioata, or that other one that seems real popular...i cant even think of it im so tired

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i think i am close to being able to install kalyway this time, but here is the last error ive gottton


sep 14 10:47:24 localhost configd[44]: interfacenamer: no network interfaces, could not update platform uuid

sep 14 10:47:24 localhost configd[44]: could not etablish network configuration: Success!

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I really think you need to try a different distro like iDeneb or Leo4All v4.1.


Most folks that have system specs like yours (mine included) have had the best success with these. They have the latest "drivers"/kexts for most of your hardware, and it's already bumped up to Leopard 10.5.4!


Anyway, you can check out my install here:


HP dv6000 install


Good luck, and I hope this helps.

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Like the guy above me, I'd recommend iDeneb v1.1

I just got it to load on my HP dv2000 (Amd processor)

Make sure you don't install any video drivers (doesn't seem to work if we have a gfx card with shared video memory i.e integrated video card.) and remove firewire.

oh and at boot you have to include cpus=1, doesn't let me boot otherwise.

Hope it helps.


iDeneb dvd gives you a bunch of install options, once you boot from the iso it will make sense

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