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  1. i have built an extreamly simple website to manage Kext files that can be searched and used to download kext files i am asking people help populate the database with kext files and spread the word www.osx86kexts.tk
  2. i ran system update on my install and now my wireless is constantly slow with short bursts of speedy loading the system update on my iatkos V7 installed several updates to include 10.5.8 and airport utility update. the DW1395 is natively supported and ran fine on my other 2 laptops i used mac os on but the first laptop used brazilmac (2007) and the one after that used iDeneb 1.4 using the card on a Sony Vaio VGN-NR385E any suggestions?

    SOLVED: X3100 Laptop Brightness Flickering randomly

    problem solved Installed all updates including 10.5.8 through system update and restarted.... did not have to reload any kext files all though now about this mac now crashes even though i installed an updated smsbios that did fix my CPU speed reporting incorrectly in hardware profiler.
  4. Dev ID 2a02 Rev c i am now using iATKOS V7 with the X3100 p and the problem still exists laptop i am using is a Vaio VGN-NR385E I have full acceleration on it, correct resolution via switchresx of 1280x800, Untested video out and the Brightness controls dont work the backlight just keeps flickering in brightness and ive tried several drivers and they all do the same thing it works fine in VESA except i am stuck in 1024x768 anyone have any input?

    10.5.3 Update and Sony VAIO

    thanks for this guide it was a great help to me unfortunately i have 1 issues... My backlight flickers with this fix !!!! anyone have some input? installed on a VGN-NR385E/T


    Dec 2007..... Installed OSX on my vostro 1700 while I was deployed. and being deployed I had to pay someone to use the brazilleMac patch on a retail disc. still on the same install. but to be fair i havent booted the thing in a long time........ long long time....

    Dell DW 1390 Acer Aspire One XP Driver

  8. I am Also having this issue.... I found this information http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...t40317-300.html

    what to download for my compaq

    thanks i am downloading Leo4all v3 now (didnt know 4 was out) and will give it a shot. i have an 8800GS installed, not sure if there are drivers for it but i have 1! i do have a question though, can i dual boot vista w it installed 1st?
  10. can you post what you did to fix the issue?

    what to download for my compaq

    any luck? i am in the same boat M2N68-LA is the asus number for mb
  12. does anyone know where i can get the Elusive Mac OS 8.5 Beta theme Drawing board from? all the sites i can find that takes me to it is linked to sites that no longer exist. Found Heres a page with the theme
  13. Thanks, i am fine doing this. I have done enough With computers to Recover myself.... Installing this on my Laptop has been the biggest PITA it even tops Linux.

    How can I increase my Leopard partition size?

    The question left un answered here (i am not ready to find out just yet) is where can this partition be? can i merge with a partition that is before the mac partition using the simple steps? diskutil mergePartitions "Journarled HFS+" New disk0s4 disk0s3