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Xeon-Based Hack Pro


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I'm looking to build a Hack Pro that is vaguely similar to Apple's almighty Mac Pro in specification and is 100% functional. Specifically, I'm looking for a motherboard that'll take two OSx86-compatible Quad-Core Xeon processors and run with both PC EFI and the Vanilla kernal and will be able to sleep, wake, shutdown, provide me with working audio, ports, LAN, etc.


The only motherboard I've seen mentioned is the Intel Skulltrail-based D5400XS, but I haven't heard of anyone getting both PC EFI and Vanilla working perfectly. Am I wrong and has someone been able to get this board working perfectly? If so, please tell me how. Otherwise, does anyone know of an 8-core capable motherboard that DOES work with PC EFI and Vanilla? Please let me know.


Thank you all very much for your time. This community rocks.

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