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nVidia driver beta 1 - problems

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ok doods and doodettes. we're all happy about np_ releasing the first beta (atleast those who still have a working computer after installing them). this thread is put in place so that you can voice your problems with the current driver, in hopes that someone else (not neccessarily np_... he's got other people bothering him already) may have run across your problem. please keep the slandering of np_ and the driver to a minimum. (thanks np_, driver looks very promising)


minimum = 0 = non-existant. thank you very much.


ok, i'll start... ANNNND go!


1) I loaded the drivers successfully. My computer responds. its a little bit quicker i noticed, throughout the GUI and stuff. however, my system configuration panel shows NO driver loaded. i think this is an AMD bug, as the entire system config panel doesn't show any info after applying CPUID patches from maxxuss instructions (thank you for the good work, maxxuss). but i know the driver is loaded because now i can change resolutions.


what can i do to see what's being loaded/etc other than -V on boot? i dont see anything there except monitor selection at the CRT part.




2) the f9 portion of the NVidiaPCIMach match string that you have to change in order for the driver to load your card is not long enough. if you'll notice, the 6600GT 128mb PCIe value is 140. what i did was i replaced the 0x00f910de to 0x014010de, just as i would think it is supposed to be. so in reality, you're changing 0f9 as a whole, if you must. and like i said, it's working for me in MacOSX 10.4.5 right now.




3) Resolution selection is there, so i know the driver is working. Problem lies in frequency selection. My monitor operates fine at 1920x1440, but its better in 72hz than it is in 75hz. and it works that way in Windows XP SP2. I can even go 2048x1536 on the original VESA 3.0 support, but on this driver, im stuck with 75hz, and i cant move my monitor adjustment around because then i'd have to reconfigure for XP when i boot back in there.


EDIT: i got my monitor working good at 75hz, through some customization in both windows and osx. so this is no longer a problem for me. HOWEVER, adding support for more frequencies might be a good idea



4) not enough people thanking np_ for taking his time, and finally releasing the driver, as everyone (myself included) bitched and complained about him releasing it. now those same people that i recall telling him to stop being greedy are the same ones who reply with questions/answers about their vid card/drivers issue, but not thanking np_ at all for doing what it is they were arguing about in the first place.



that is all for now. please list your problems in the same fashion, using numbers.

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