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  1. livewireuk

    Leo4allv3 finished and released

    Booted with everything supported but audio (simple hda patch) for me and my badaxe 2 q6600 box, only issue i have is that about this mac and profiler both display my cpu as stock and do not correctly show the 3.01 ghz and 1336 FSB overclock. Geekbench sees the cpu as 3.01 ghz so Im sure it is fine, would be nice if it displayed correctly though.
  2. I have a util for windows that can recover partition tables that are deleted in error or corrupted etc. I just deleted my mac audio disk partition on a second hdd in my machine via windows disk management. My back up is a month or so old so would like to try and avoid loosing a month or two's work. I thought it was a different 500 gb drive. I'm having trouble finding a similar util for os x ( or win) that can rebuild the lost partition table on my hfs + formatted disk. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. livewireuk

    OSX86 10.4.8 - Midi interface reccomendations

    My multifaces midi ports show up in core midi too.
  4. livewireuk

    Fireface 800 and iATKOS

    The drivers should work in leo. The Tiger drivers for the Multiface work in leopard fine.
  5. livewireuk

    Failed to boot after iAtkos v1.0i install

    He did that. I also have a Badaxe 2 with Q6600. I installed this in the same way as Richie.Roo . Except all my partitioning was done outside of osx, I just erased the previously created partition mac journaled then installed. I followed every step of the instructions to a T. When I reboot and hit the Darwin bootloader, on selecting my Leopard_EFi install the machine just restarts and goes through post again.
  6. Stay away from branded pc's, buidl your own.
  7. livewireuk

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    Yeah I was just wondering as I just purchased an HDSP pci card from ebay to use with a 2nd daisy chained multiface. Will let you know if I run into any problems when it arrives.
  8. livewireuk

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    Is anyone using pci hdsp card with multiface or any other card on leopard ?
  9. livewireuk

    Build Osx86 To Run Logic 8

    My hack pro is silent, building a silent hack iss um... very easy. You can easily compare an oc'd Q6600 to any quad mac pro. They do a lot better in benchmarks, no need to pay apples crazy over inflated prices for a shiny case. No we are talking about RME. You can of course use any pci-e card that has a mac intel driver though. When it comes to PCI your only luck will be with RME though.
  10. livewireuk

    Build Osx86 To Run Logic 8

    pci works with the same driver as pcie.
  11. livewireuk

    Build Osx86 To Run Logic 8

    That not true at all, once a hackintosh has all its devices supported it wont run any different to the real thing. I recently built a quad core 2 duo @3ghz with the intel Badaxe 2 mobo. It has ran perfectly and even beats similar specd mac pro quads in benchmarks. Seriously there is no need to pay for apples ridiculously over priced mac pros. There is no difference with the xeon cpu and the quad extremes and the 1333 fsb on the extremes adds a very small perf gain under 10 % so you could even get a Q6600 OC it to 2.8-3ghz and be a very happy man. Not to mention you wont get much real mac for a grand, the macbooks dont pack enough of a punch for extensive logic projects.
  12. livewireuk

    asus a8n-sli

    I also have this motherbaord and none of the latest, tubgirl or uphuck dvds boot for me, I either get a panic or pages and pages of sam read wirte errors. was same in vmware when mounting an image. I know 10.4.9/10 can run on this mobo though as I have set up manual installs from a parallel 10.4.6 install in the past. Wish I could get one of the newer dvd's to boto native or even in vmware though as manual install is tiresome.
  13. livewireuk

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    Nice one 0xdeadbeef I got my Multiface running via the cardbus interface thanks to your patch. Never thought Id get this going without buying the HDSPe card and never expected to get it working on my laptop . Great news for RME owners. w00t.
  14. livewireuk

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    0xdeadbeef I noticed in your sig that you have RME cardbus working in osx86, I have a ricoh pci cardbus card in my desktop and a ricoh cardbus device in my ibm x60 notebook ( Ricoh Co Ltd RL5c476 II ) can you please explain to me how you got this to work in osx and what driver you used to get the rme cardbus recognized and talking to your multiface. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  15. livewireuk

    Tubgirl 10.4.10 AMD SSE3 "Test 1"

    I grabbed a new version of the iso, this time the rarred one that myzar originally uploaded, below is a screenshot of where the vmware installation Panics, can anyone shed any light on this ? ps. image is mounted in demon tools not internal vmware mounting.