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Graphics problem.. Annoying display gradients issue


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Im using ideb 10.5.4 on my laptop... and im having a real issue I had months back and I gave up on OSX. But now iv decided to give it a blast again to get OSX on my laptop (for Uni which I Will be starting in a weeks time)


My issue is that my graphics arnt showing correctly on screen... for instants gradients dont show the way they should.. I can actualy see blocked colours... so where they should be fading I can see a block of colour... so it doesnt look smooth... (If you get me)


the drop shadows on boxes look hidous... there also blocked because gradients wont show correctly. The laptops specs are inmy sig...


I use the nvinjectGo kext to get my graphics in the correct resolution.. but it seems they still dont show things the way they should... Also the top bar doesnt show transparent... its just a none transparant white/silver colour.. (Looks like the way it does when you have the wrong res without drivers)


can someone PLEASE help me with this annoying problem...it would be greatly appreciated

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