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[SELL] Gateway Laptop P4HT Prescott 2.80ghz SSE3


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Got a laptop here that is a few years old but runs really great.

P4HT Prescott @ 2.80ghz supports sse2/sse3

512m ram

runs 10.5.2 at the moment very well. wireless is recognized as airport extreme out of the box. Everything else is functional other than the "about this mac" logs me off, and I haven't even tried to load any drivers for the gpu since I am not really worried about the resolutions on it.

It will come with Windows XP loaded as it still has the key sticker on the bottom. If you want osx I'm sure you can figure it out.

512 MB RAM(1 open slot)


15.4" LCD Widescreen


DVD-RW Drive Drive


4 USB ports, 1 1394


Internal LAN and Modem


External VGA jack


Internal Card Reader




Internal Wireless card


It has been taken very good care of, the only thing cosmeticaly wrong is 1 small crack on each side where the plastic is stressed from being opened and closed.


I can provide pics of anything you want to see, just post or PM me.


Im asking 275 US but that is negotiable. If you are interested, let me know and If you want I will post it on ebay for you.





Model number is gateway 7320gz if you want to look it up.

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