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Problem on Msi k8N sli AMD x2 3800


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I'm trying to install Leopard on this configuration:


AMD X2 3800

2 Go DDr

2 Seagate Sata HD

2 Gigabyte 6600 LE 128Mo


The bios version is the latest (1.8) and i haven't change anything inside to install Leo (Do i need to change something)


So, Leo4All is the only version which doesn't block during the installation


With the version 4.1 AMD, i've installed:

- EFI Kernel 9.4

- Forcedeth for the ethernet

- Tried the different Nforce options


- AC97

- Nvkush


No matter if i install ac97 or nvkush. With or without them it still bug.


So the installation works perfectly,

then i arrive in Leopard, i don't have the "do you really own a mac" loop.

The computer seems to work properly but at one moment it freezes (but i can move the mouse some time) or i got a kernel panic. Leo can work 1 min or 10 min, the problem comes at anytime and from nowhere.

So it asks me to reboot, and the computer says that my bios has been set to default values (it says this every times Leo bugs)


So what should i do ? Is there something that i should change in the bios ?


Is there a way to know where the panic comes from ? (i mean a log or something like that where i can see why it bugs)


Thank you for your help

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