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Intel ICH9 Driver Woes


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Hi guys, I got iATKOS 4i dual booting on my laptop with Vista.


I am in desperate need of 3 drivers just like everyone else. Video, Network, and Audio.


I have an Nvidia Go 9600m GT 512mb. I have tried Titan, Natit, NVInject, NVInject mobile. Some just don't work others prevent me from booting.


For Network, I have my ethernet working, I really need Wifi though. I have an Intel Wifi 5300, I know there are drivers for 4xxx. I have not tried them because A, they prolly won't work B, they will prolly mess up my boot.


For Audio, I have a Realtek ALC889, I tried that driver floating on the forums hosted on rapidshare, however it did not work, but it did not cause any problems at all.


I'd appreaciate any help you guys can give me.


Thanks :D

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