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Thanks a bunch, OSX86 Community!

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I've been in love with Mac OSX for the longest time, but I've never liked the hardware of the smaller macs. My XPS M1330 is working almost flawlessly (All but wired ethernet), but it's got a few modifications...


Processor: Intel Core2Duo T9600 2.8 Ghz (SpeedStep works)

RAM: 4 GB 800mhz

Video: NVidia 8800M GTX 512MB (External Monitor works, resolutions work)

Sound: Sigmatel 9288

Hard Drive: 128GB SSD

Wireless: Dell 1505 (NJ449, rev A01) Draft N


Installed iAtkos v2.0i (10.5.2) and plan to leave it there. I've not tried to update it yet.


Thanks everyone, you've been a great help with my endeavor.

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Congrats, and you did it without a single lame n00b post! Now it's your turn to give back. I'm bookmarking your post and sending all newbies to read it when they ask for help with everything including the kitchen sink. I'll tell them to PM you for extra help.


j/k :D

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