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help me please urgent!

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i have a gigabyte ga-p31 motherboard

mhy system was up and running good

untill i didnt pay attention and installed ga-p35 gigabyte patch here in forum which contains smbus driver and ich9r sata driver

my system was running from an ide hdd

now i can't boot into osx

it gives me still waiting to boot device

so it cant now seem to see my ide device

my motherboard does not have a native sata mode in the bios and i dont know what to do and how to rollback what i did

even i cant get into the -s single user mode, to restore my original extensions which i did backup, gives me also still waiting to boot device

now what can i do?!

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I'm not really familiar with the patch you're talking about tbh. :/

If it's just a driver, then really if the hardware isn't there it shouldn't affect it as far as the drive controllers go, but again I am not really familiar with it.

You could try booting with "-x" and see if you can get into your system that way.

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