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Kallyway 10.5.2 with Asus P5K PRO


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I have been seaching the forum but can't find the responce:


I got the Kallyway 10.5.2 dvd and the 10.5.3 combo update


my question is


Do I need kexts (I don't really know what is a kexts please soneone explain me) in my installation?


Which are the steps to do the installation of the Kallyway 10.5.2?


Only thing I can find is this one




But is mention a file that I can't find Audio_for_P5K_SE.zip?

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when you install the system it will work. iF your intend is to update your system after installation you will always nead kext files! updates usaly break you hardware instalation. and you have to copy back all the kext files. after a update.


kext files are driver files we modify the kext files to make hardware not supporded bye apple work.

osx is packt with drivers that work but only for apple hardware. usaly we just do a little text editing to them. to insert your device number. so the system knows that the hardware we are using is compatible with the system.


you don't nead to know how to do that usaly other people have done the work for you.

i sugest you get a little program kexthelper saves you a ton of typing in terminal.


good luck to you

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