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  1. What happened before what was the problem with FCPX ?
  2. AppleGraphicsControl.kext Right, is not the one that you change the parameter?
  3. After you changed to "none" you must resintall the kext with easykext otherwise changes won't take effect
  4. I own a TitanX, Installed on El Capitan 10.11.3 with Latest Nvidia Drivers, Everything seen fine but Photoshop have some issues when resizing images so trying to figure out thing I also found LuxMark v3,1 show me an error on the OpenCL GPU test: Should I worry about this?
  5. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    Hi Andres, Once again thanks for you help I went to: System/Library/Extensions/AppleGraphicsControl.kext/Contents/Plugins/AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext/info.plist I changed my "iMac17,1 board-id." "config2" to "None" that's what you meant? but still have black screen
  6. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    HI, I used your "GENERAL SETTING CLOVER" them installed the Ethernet kext with easy kext I had to changed system definition to MacPro 5,1 in order to make work the Titan_X if I use iMac17 I get a black screen, everything seem working fine, Anything else would you recomend? Thanks
  7. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    Thanks for you help, sorry for the noob question how do I "don't use your DSDT?" simply removing the DSDT.aml from the folder?
  8. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    Yes the general settings folder structure boot fine with the internal video card (I change bios for this too) but when i used your Z170X-Gaming 7.zip I get a waiting for root device error. Could please explaing how to used your Z170X-Gaming 7.zip Files, I meant I mount the EFI partition and them Copy the full content of the zip file inside the EFI folder in the EFI partition, Correct?
  9. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    Hi, Thanks for creating this tread. I have the same motherboard as you but instead I have the Titan X 12GB . for some reason when I used your files (I don't modify anything just copy paste) doesn't work. but when I disable the Titanx and used the internal Video Card (General Setting Files) it Launch OK, Could you please let me know what I need to Change to make my TitanX work? Also I have 64GB of Ram but only showing 32gb Thanks in advance
  10. DSDT Auto patcher - Gone?

    Maldon Thank's for you reply, what you means by "DSDT fully edited"? have you already edited in other post? or the one I sent is ready to used? Cheers
  11. DSDT Auto patcher - Gone?

    Hello MaLd0n, I really appreciate if you help me with my Dell R14 N4110 these are the specifications: -- Inspiron 14R - N4110 -- Integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 with up to 1.6 GB Dynamic Video Memory -- 8X DVD +/- RW Drive -- 14.0 inch High Definition WLED -- 6 Cell Primary Battery, 48W -- Processor: Intel Core i5-2410M processor (2.30 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 2.90 GHz) -- Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030 -- 65W AC Adapter -- 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz (1 DIMMs) -- Integrated Webcam -- 500 GB SATA Hard Drive (7200 RPM) -- Keyboard with Gesture Touchpad send_me.zip
  12. Could someone please tell me Which Card Wlan car to buy from ebay?
  13. Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon

    I follow step by step I get this error: "Can't find /mach_kernel" any idea why?
  14. How To edit NVDAGF100HAL.kext?

    Hi, Could someone point me in a tutorial to edit NVDAGF100HAL.kext? I tried to add the device ID in <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>XXXXHEREXXXX</string> not sure if I did right please need some advice. I usded this device ID: 0x0dc010de&0xffc0ffff for my nvidia NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M thanks
  15. Tonymacx86-NVIDIA-Update

    Hi, I'm desperate to have Tonymac GraphicEnablerand to activate the 550M, but this was remove from the forum, any chance you still have the file in your computer?