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Instaling on Dell M1330 - Problems!


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Hi im using Iatkos v4i ,


the custom settings i used are:


- Iatkos v4i Main System

- Darwin Bootloader

- AppleACPIPlatform.kext

- AppleSMBIOS-27 6th rev Imac

- Remove Thermal Kexts

- Intel 1300


- Speedstep

- Intel 100 PRO/VE

(are these correct)



I also am using Vista


Problem 1: so neways, i install the Mac OS, and it starts up nice, then when i restart it boots up normally, the grey screen, then blue, then it just goes black, the screen turns off and doesnt turn bak on even though the laptop is working.P


Problem 2: the second is that i cant get it to duel boot. The only way i can chage which 1 is defult is by using Parted Magic to flag a boot partition.


any help will be much appriciated thanks

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1. If your machine is based on Intel GMA display, it means it is switching to external monitor. You need a patched AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer.kext such as this one.


2. Once you got everything working, you need to edit com.apple.Boot.plist and add a timeout value. This will show up a menu on boot from where you can select OSX or XP/Vista for dual booting. There are lot of articles on the forum on this.

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