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For those who actually have an Apple router like the Airport Extreme or Time Capsule, what is the compelling argument when used as a wireless router? Are they really any different than a competitors?


I am curious. I want to purchase a wireless router for use in a condo. There are four or five other wireless networks within range. Is 801.11a really that big of an advantage?



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802.11a is old. Very old. 8.2.11n is the current standard. Yes there are special things about Airport Extreme or Time Capsule.

The TC is primarily a 24/7 HD which is what i use my 1TB model for. It is superb as a media server and/ or use with Time Machine.

The best thing is although it can be used with a PC the n standard means the mac will get the best speeds relayed to the the house from your ISP. So you get the bet speed for the best price and the security of both the firmware and the apple brand.


Think Mark

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