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which dell laptop?


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Hi, although osx runs great on my acer travlemate the lack of qe and the 1024x768 is bugging the {censored} out of me so i have decided to pick up a cheap (hopefully) lappie to replace it, i have just bought a mac mini on the strength of my osx86 experience and i would love to have it on a lappie also as a playabout boot, i have noticed that many budget lappies are carrying the gma900 etc now so i imagine graphics wont be a problem but i need to have working sound through the lappies speakers also, so which budget machine would you guys recommend i noticed the inspiron 1300 is incredibly cheap, has gma900 graphics but it has a stac9200 sound chipset in it which i understand wont work at the mo with osx86 (please correct me if i am wrong about the sound cause this would be the perfect solution), any other budget laptops that have working graphics and sound "out of the box" as it were?

Would appreciate some guidance here guys

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