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  1. G3 Blue and white case going spare

    Hi, already have a few posts back under quick and dirty g3 mod in this subforum, not at home at the mo so the only pictures you can look at for the minute
  2. Not sure if this is the right place, and mods, please slap my wrist if appropriate, but having modded a blue and white g3 case as in my previous post i now have been allocated an imac through my work for music development purposes and this case is now going spare, i can include the short dvd drive thats allows 2x ddr slots to be used on a p4 dual mobo and others i imagine, also there is a power supply that is very quiet and fits the case a treat, i am open to offers from the uk if anyones interested, probably around £30 quid mark including the power supply or sixty including the phillips dvd/rw drive (bought for the mod and a couple of weeks old) + postage, not really sure about posting abroad as seems like a lot of hassle and risk.
  3. Quick and dirty pc into a g3 case mod

    ta, didnt have the time to invest in a huge project but this went a lot better than i thought, (bit rought around the edges...literally) but it works and does give that authentic mac feel when using it i suppose, i have a mini but does not look so impessive as having a proper mac tower to look at
  4. Hi, someone gave me a broken g3 b&w so i thought i would have a bash at getting my pc into it, way easier than i thought, used a hacksaw and some superglue, no kidding! The power supply was a standard atx 400w jobbie, fitted straight in, motherboard is an asrock p4 dual, used the original posts from the old logic board, literally pulled them off the tray with a pair of pliers and stuck them back down in the right position for the asrock, optical tray was hacked with a hacksaw to allow the two ram sticks to sit otherwise it got in the way and wouldnt let the tray/side close properly, all i have to do now is get the power switch wired up, and some lighting, i have used an old pc switch which is hanging out the back out of the way for now, whole thing took about three hours in total...Just thought you might be interested to see it......
  5. I have got a real bug for garageband lately, but one thing that does not seem to work are au instruments, i have installed a couple i have checked library/audio for the system and user accounts and all i present and correct as far as i can see, but nothing shows up in garageband except the au fileplayer, dls player etc, no lovely synths to play with :-( I have repaired permissions on the disk also by the way, any ideas? anyone have au instruments showing up?
  6. which dell laptop?

    Hi, although osx runs great on my acer travlemate the lack of qe and the 1024x768 is bugging the {censored} out of me so i have decided to pick up a cheap (hopefully) lappie to replace it, i have just bought a mac mini on the strength of my osx86 experience and i would love to have it on a lappie also as a playabout boot, i have noticed that many budget lappies are carrying the gma900 etc now so i imagine graphics wont be a problem but i need to have working sound through the lappies speakers also, so which budget machine would you guys recommend i noticed the inspiron 1300 is incredibly cheap, has gma900 graphics but it has a stac9200 sound chipset in it which i understand wont work at the mo with osx86 (please correct me if i am wrong about the sound cause this would be the perfect solution), any other budget laptops that have working graphics and sound "out of the box" as it were? Would appreciate some guidance here guys
  7. Hi, £40 here acer 2300 using 852/855
  8. Hi, anyone know a compact usb wireless card/stick that can be plugged into 10.4.3 and work? i have learnt to live with the fact i cant get over 1024x768 on my lappie but wireless would make it usable as an osx laptop.. Want to order one soon so advice would be much appreciated
  9. Hi, i have been messing around for weeks with trying to get more than 1024/768 on my 15.4 screen 852/855 i have read the forum, tried the wiki, and tried all the tips i could find, am i flogging a dead horse here or has someone got this chipset to work with 10.4.3 let alone .5 etc, i have an acer 2300, sound lan etc work a treat but this res renders the system unusable even for testing out mac os properly, some help please with some info or edited files that can sort this out?? Thanks Rick
  10. No Keyoard/Mouse - Myzar 10.4.4/10.4.5

    Hi, im in the same boat, just out of interest have you got beyond the 1024x768 thing? i tried kextload on the appleintel915kext and it loaded but when i restarted it dosnt show up in the extensions under system info so not sure what i am doing wrong, is it possible to get graphics above 1024x768 on intel 852/855 chipsets under .4.5??
  11. 10.4.5 Prepatched DVD (Hot news for all)

    I have an acer 2300 laptop, when i put 10.4.3 on it, the keyboard and mouse pad were detected right from the start, with this one i cant get the keys or mousepad to work, any ideas? anyone know what in the 4.3 install was responsible for these items, and any ideas how i might get them over into 10.4.5, the install went lovely, straight over the top of my 4.3, but i have lost the above, perhaps something needs to be copied from the jas dvd 10.4.3? and somehow loaded into 10.4.5, would really love some help with this one guys
  12. asrock 915gl no line in

    Hi got osx up and running sweet, i have audio, qe/cg everything except line in on my audio using the jaspatch 1.4b iso, under the system profiler i have nothing listed, although in the system preferences it lists it as ac97 audio, anyone else using this board who has line/mic in???
  13. Hi i bought a p4dual-915 mobo, and have osx-86 up and running native using an image patched to 1.4b? cant remember the exact name of the image but it installed superb, no extra patches no vmware, just booted from the dvd and i have lan, ci/qe and sound usb etc, the only thing thats stopping me from moving the machine to my main workstation is this. Quicktime, when i play video through quicktime i get this horrible green tainting during certain (not all) parts of a video (mp4's mainly), anyone have a fix for this? i have tried searching but to no avail so if someone could help with this last issue i would be well pleased...... Tia Rick