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3 (easy?) problems I just can't solve

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The 2 main problems are the Mouse and Keyboard. I think I will manage to get the internet to work after that.


When I boot into Leopard, I don't see my mouse pointer. Thats really a pain in the @ss. And I just have no idea what the cause is of that. It might my graphical driver. But am not sure.


The second problem is my Keyboard just won't function. At first I tried to disable the kexts using this topic. And it worked. But after 2 reboots, it just stopt working, and I can't get it to work again.


I hope someone can help me out here, and not just ignore my post as most people do. Because I really am into installing this and using it for music productions until I buy my iMac.


So please reply. I would be very thankful.




I got my Keyboard to work by opening the terminal within Leopard and doing the commands.


Right now I'm stuck with 2 last problems:


1. I can't see my pointer. Every time I have to zoom in on it to see it, else its invisible. Maybe this is a Graphical driver problem. But I don't know what driver to install then for a nVidia GeForce2 MX 100/200 videocard?


2. My internet won't work. I have a built-in Marvell Yukon network card. I tried to put the kext from this topic in IONetworkfamily.kext and load it from there. But It doesnt work. I also tried putting the kext in the Extensions folder and loading it. But still, I don't have internet. While it says that it has loaded successfully (In the Extensions folder). I'll post a log later on, for that I'll have to reboot.

I also tought of using the Kext Helper. But the "Easy Install" button is faded out. And I can't press it. Any idea why that is so? Because I think it would be way easier installing using that.


All my specs are listed below.

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Oh yes, sorry for that.


My specs are:

Asus p800e motherboard,

SSE2 SSE3 3,2 GHZ processor


nVidia GeForce2 MX 100/200

Marvell Yukon in-built Ethernet Card

CD RW/DVD Player

PS2 Keyboard

USB Mouse



Disk0 (60 GB) - Windows XP SP3

Disk1 (20 GB) - Leopard (10.5.1?) (Installed using flat image)


Thanks in advance

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