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Computer restarts when loading the Kalyway disc


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So I downloaded and burned the Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD, and put it in my disc drive, restarted. I waited for the prompt that says to press any key to continue. I do so and see some of the usual scrolling text that I'd expect to find, then my computer restarts to BIOS... I tried different things like "-v" and "-s" (I don't know much more than that). Any help is much appreciated.



Computer specs:

ASRock P4i65g motherboard

Intel Pentium 4 2.53 GHz processor (SSE2 enabled)

512 MB RAM

256MB VisionTek Radeon X1550 (equivalent to ATI Radeon X1300)


[if more information is needed, let me know]

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-v is verbose output. AKA write everything that is happening to the screen. If you see text on the screen without entering any options, Kalyway's disc has enabled verbose output by default.




Try these options, one at a time:







See if any of those change anything.


And post back the last few lines before it reboots if none of those help.


Tip: Using a video camera or the video mode on a digital camera can help here.

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ok well I tried all those commands and the text was going too fast for me to look at it long enough before it restarted, but if it helps, it went through texts for about 5 or 10 minutes on the -f and -x commands ... the -legacy and other commands just did the same things as running the disc with no commands... and I know the -v means verbose. I'm familiar with Linux haha.

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Yeah I get this same problem. The last few lines just before it restarts says...


EFI enhance bootloader build: ToH

Use SMBIOS table found at 0x000f0430

Using ACPI RSDP revision 0 found at feba0.


This is literlly after about 8 lines of the computer saying that it is loading the hfs darwin bootloader or something along this lines. Does 8 lines and then those 3 lines and then it restarts and does th

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