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perfect board for OSX86?


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right now i'm building a new "mac" for my dad so he can get rid of his aging powermac G4 867 with some spare parts but i ran into some issues with the motherboard


shutdown only works 1 out of 10 times and sleep not at all so i want the "perfect" osx86 board


rest of the hardware:



4gb corsair dominators

sapphire hd 3870 ultimate (i can switch it for any other sub 100€ card out there, bought it 3 days ago)

2 seagate 7200.11 640gb hard disks

corsair vx450 PSU


i have the following options so far:


gigabyte EP35 DS4 or DS3 (DS3 if it works just as well)

gigabyte ga eg 31




additionally i want to change my hd 3870 to another vga card CONFIRMED TO BE WORKING WITH SLEEP/REBOOT/SHUTDOWN


only requirements: 2 dvi ports, not slower than 7600gt/hd2600


i'm not sure on these non reference hd2600xts, anyone out there with a blue PCB sapphire 2600xt?


all input is appreciated, especially recommendations on other boards confirmed to be working 100% with shutdown, reboot and so on, same goes for the VGA cards ;)


PS: plz move if it's in the wrong section

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