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  1. perfect board for OSX86?

    right now i'm building a new "mac" for my dad so he can get rid of his aging powermac G4 867 with some spare parts but i ran into some issues with the motherboard shutdown only works 1 out of 10 times and sleep not at all so i want the "perfect" osx86 board rest of the hardware: q6600 4gb corsair dominators sapphire hd 3870 ultimate (i can switch it for any other sub 100€ card out there, bought it 3 days ago) 2 seagate 7200.11 640gb hard disks corsair vx450 PSU i have the following options so far: gigabyte EP35 DS4 or DS3 (DS3 if it works just as well) gigabyte ga eg 31 additionally i want to change my hd 3870 to another vga card CONFIRMED TO BE WORKING WITH SLEEP/REBOOT/SHUTDOWN only requirements: 2 dvi ports, not slower than 7600gt/hd2600 i'm not sure on these non reference hd2600xts, anyone out there with a blue PCB sapphire 2600xt? all input is appreciated, especially recommendations on other boards confirmed to be working 100% with shutdown, reboot and so on, same goes for the VGA cards PS: plz move if it's in the wrong section
  2. how did you get sleep to work? i'm stuck at returnbecaus emy vga card doesn't repost (hd 3870) any fixes required to do this?
  3. ATI Sapphire 3870 Patch?

    i have the 3870 ultimate and the drivers for the 3870s should be included in all current hacked distributions, at least it was in kalyway 10.5.2 and ideneb 10.5.4
  4. ATI Sapphire 3870 Patch?

    i have the 3870 ultimate and the drivers for the 3870s should be included in all current hacked distributions, at least it was in kalyway 10.5.2 and ideneb 10.5.4
  5. well title says it all, i built a new rig for my dad to replace his aging 867mhz powerbook G4 and want to install tiger oon a raid 0 system config is the following: Q6600 4GB ram abit ix38 quadgt 2x seagate 7200.11 640gb hd 3870 so far i managed it to install the system on one of the drives using ideneb (will do kalyway next time, too many things xchanged, especially background images) audio, graphics, cores, ram, all detected without any problems so i know the system is fully compatible does anyone know a s step by step guide to get raid 1 working on the ich9r so the drives are mirrored in vista AND osx? additionally i have problems resuming from sleep when using S3 mode, it appears to return properly but i have no signal from the graphics card so sleep only works 100% when using S1 which doesn't power off the fans.. any input is appreciated, i REALLY want to get this dam RAID 1 up and running
  6. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    all working now (only sound missing, however i found a old external mac soundcard which is working ) thanks for the great help! E8400 @ 4.4ghz, 488mhz fsb (stock in osx) 4gb ram 1:1 with fsb P5Q DELUXE Seagate 7200.11 320gb for osx, Velociraptor for Vista x64 samsung F1 data + exchange X-fi in vista 2x sata dvdrom 2x hd3870 all working in OSX (only sound requires extra external soundcard) with modded p5q deluxe bios (thanks kabyl!!!) on vanilla kernel with 10.5.4, sleep without any problems (wakeup set to power button only in BIOS), I/O performance ok too! QE/CI working too, support for 4 monitors also OK (hat my mon has 4 different inputs and OSX detected 4 different displays XD) BTW i have watercooling on my wolfdale if anyone is woundering abot the clocks so far: hard start, but i'm (almost) fully statisfied now^^ now on to find some cool programs for OSX (been 8 years since i had my last real mac, a power PC G3 400 B/W (it's running tiger now and my bittorrent machine...)
  7. ADI AD2000B audio codec

    i'm interested in this too, the p5qs are great boards, however the sound problem is driving me crazy..... already tried 5 different analog devices drivers....
  8. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    got it working today, already fixed orange drive icons after rs, updated to 10.5.4 got archicad up and running only things i have to fix are: sound - anyone? let it recognise the second cpu core--- make a switch to switch between mac mod bios with ahci and vista overclock bios with raid EDiT: thanks for the modded bios kabyl, it fixed the boot-problems =D, great work!
  9. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    just found this topic after hours of searching and want to add something: P5Q deluxe installs perfectly (had similar issues, however they were related to expressgate (!) and AHCI mode i installed kalyway 10.5.2 from a sata dvd (ich10) on a dedicated hdd (don't want to mess with a bootloader, just choose correct harddrive by pressing F8 @bios load screen) with all correct drivers selected + vanilla kernel and everything went fine until i rebooted and got stuck on the grey apple screen with the grey circle spinning for hours anyone with the same issue here to help??? I#LL TRY KALYWAY COMBO UPDATE + 10.5.4 from apple update once i sort this out PS: sry for caps...)
  10. after installing leo on a dedicated hard disk (vanilla kernel) and trying to restart my pc hangs at the grey apple screen, i let it sit for 3 hours (went shopping) and it was still there system: e8400 asus p5q deluxe (p45+ich10) amd hd3870 (2 in crossfire, removing one doesn't change anything...) creative x-fi (only for win, removing it doesn't help 4gb of g.skill gpq 6400 ram i tried reinstalling with 3 different kernels from the kalyway install dvd, various startup options don't help either need suggestions!!!!! EDIT: is it a mistake to choose natit stuff at installation??? shall i wait until i'm inside the os and deselect all drivers search turns up 1k+ hits but no hit with a real solution or similar hardware....