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INFO: ATI Drivers / Opengl Framework OSX 10.5.5 9f32(last)


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Today i installed (using pacifist) the ATI drivers and OpenGLFramework from newest 9f32 10.5.5 build over my 9f9 driver install.


Keeps rocking !


No white menues using ATI 3850 (gfx string efi + TRIAKIS in ATINDRV insted of Lamna ).


I think final 10.5.5 also keeps rocking !

(Some more ATI4XXX code in that new set, but i think it will take much time to get it working by gfx strg or some new injectors)


For all dont know "white menue" - sometimes called different but same problem, i added screenshoot.

No menue entries , no context menue entries text to see.


The solution before usage of 9f9 10.5.5 drivers was dont use new 10.5.3 drivers insted old from 10.5.2.

That way was made by the dl of whitemenuefix downloads (overwrite drivers with older ones). Pretty old ones!


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