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Need help! Grey Screen boot Error


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Hello, :)

After good, installation of Leo4all V4.1 AMD im not able to boot leopard, grey screen apears saying "You need to restart your computer" in many languages, and it happens all the time, i was booting with -v to see whats the probem, but i really dont understand those things :) Panic at (CPU-3....and so on, and Panic Debugger...?

im not understand where is the Problem,

My PC:


AMD Phenom 9600 quad core AM2+

Motherboard is MSI K9A2 CF AMD 790x chipset based card

Geforce 8500GT 256mb PCIe

4gb of ram

WD Caviar se 500gb sata2 7200rpm 8mb Hard disk

No firewire cards.

USB mouse and keybord


I have instaled leo4all in one of my partitions of that 500gb hdd, like i sad installation was flawless.

in customize mode i choose VIA, SiS, Marvell and SB chip for chipset drivers

Kernel 9.2.2 for kernel

Audio device. 888

graphic drivers for my 256 8500gt geforce,

and i think thats all. so i really dont know where the problem is..


i hope you will help me :)

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