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A word about my old 4GB iPhone


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All right,

This is just a notice to anyone who has had his or her iPhone get very hot then die. My wife's 4GB iPhone did just that; about 2 weeks ago she noticed the battery was very low, (even though she'd charged it up the night before). So she plugged it into the charger and within a matter of a few minutes it got very hot, (we're talking almost too hot to hold), so she disconnected it and turned it off so it could cool down. Later when she tried to turn it back on, it wouldn't respond. So I called Apple Care, they told me it sounded like hardware failure and to send it back and they would be able to replace it. So we sent it back and within 2 days they sent me a very cryptic email not really stating what they were doing. I called them and after an eternity they looked up the repair and said that it could not be replaced because it had been damaged due to misuse. Evidently there was a bit of corrosion at the dock connector. You know the true test of moisture damage to an electronic device such as a cellular phone is the little white dot that turns pink when it gets wet. The iPhone has this dot at the bottom of the headphone jack and ours was still white. So it seems that Apple believes that a bit of corrosion at the dock connector can cause catastrophic failure. (LOL) So if any of you are having the same issue, be sure to check the little white dot at the bottom of the head phone jack and check for corrosion in the dock connector. If there is any corrosion in the dock connector clean it before you send it to them with something like a very soft metal polishing brush, but be careful not to leave any metal bristles behind and not to rub off the gold connectors. If these areas are clear you shouldn't have a problem getting Apple to replace the phone.

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