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Just wanted to share my success story after hours of beating my head against a wall learning all this new stuff. I've been a PC guy for ages but after a few of my trusted friends made the switch to apple it got me thinking. Then... i sat down and played with one of theirs for a while... then... i went to the apple store and got one of those guys to give me a full on example of everything os X could do... i was sold. Now I've owned an ibook g4 for about a year and it's perfect for my mobile needs. I went used to save some cash because i just can't afford to drop the amount of cash required to buy the newest apple stuff. So anyways on my desktop, i was really getting tired of XP and Vista broke my computer cuz it was old so i grabbed leo4allv3 and said what the heck we'll give this a shot. After being frusterated by failure multiple times on my old amd system with my crappy ecs mobo i gave up and set out to build the machine anew with hackintosh compatability as my primary concern when selecting hardware. Step one was gutting my old case. It was a perfectly good case but i needed new guts. I ripped my power supply out because it was only 250 watts and replaced it with a ballin antec 550. Next i did some research and took a couple trips to the local geek store (fry's electronics) and found some cool stuff on sale. I wound up with an intel dp35dp motherboard and an intel core 2 quad 6600 and a fan. I picked up 4 gigs of corsair memory on the cheap. So far so good... this was before i selected my graphics card.


So i start off to install os x for the first time on my shiny new machine and everything works well. The os installs and boots on up... then i go to install my graphics card... black screen... {censored}! and this was before i learned how to remove kexts with the command prompt because like i said... i'm a pc guy and this unix stuff never made sense to me. So anyways, i reinstall the os a few time and cuss a whole lot. I started off with a geforce 8400 GS and although i don't know as much about osx86 drivers as some of the guys here... from what i've read getting the graphics working shouldn't have been as much of a pain in the ass as it was. HOURS WASTED. Never got that card to work... tried and tried... googled... tried some more... went to sleep... got up... tried some more... learned a lot but never got the stupid thing to work. Returned it... and like an idiot i exchanged it for a geforce 9400gt because it was shiny and had a big fan on it so it must be good right? ... nope... beat my head against the wall for hours on this one too... no luck... went BACK and exchanged it again (i'm sure they were wondering why) and wound up getting something i saw a lot of support for; a geforce 7200 gs... threw it in... turned the hackintosh on and ran the nvkush thing with support packages i saw some guy in a forum say it worked for his 7200... holy {censored}... this stupid cheap crappy video card worked! quartz extreme and core image in full swing. It was straight sexy and i finally felt "done" except for the wifi card...


The wifi card was another issue... the only wifi card i had was my old wireless B dlink dwl-520... wound up throwing it away and grabbing up a ralink that with minimal fuss worked... so anyways


Thank you to everyone at this forum that provided insight to help me get this {censored} working. I truely appreciate the hard work and good communication.

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