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  1. iATKOS v4i upgrade to 10.5.5

    I'm gonna guess that this method wont work on anything but Vanilla right? So...i should not attempt an update w/ Speedstep?
  2. Kalyway problems on Inspiron E1705

    pick/try other drivers/kernels at installation.
  3. Here's a brief summary: I decided to take the plunge and update to 10.5.5 from iATKOS 10.5.4. Failed. Formatted and went to reinstall but cannot boot from HDD anymore; dvd only. Previously, Darwin booted right after installation + setup with a restart with HDD selected. Booted every time. Now, it has the dreaded flashing cursor...I have tried everything: formatted/reinstalled numerous times, used guides to fix efi_v8 w/ usb stick, etc. I am using the exact same dvd as i have with the previous working installations. I am about 99% sure i am selecting the exact same options in the customization menu as before. Please help
  4. 10.5.5 update?

    eh i already guinea-pigged this one so... who wants to try it?
  5. 10.5.5 update?

    Ugh...wheres the Intel tool?
  6. 10.5.5 update?

    My setup got smoked. Rebooting from external. I shall : 1. Wait for a definite solution 2. Wait for iATKOS/Kalyway to come to the rescue its whichever..
  7. 10.5.5 update?

    hmm should i format and reinstall with other kernels? Maybe i'll have more luck with Vanilla or something...
  8. 10.5.5 update?

    Failed update from iATKOS 10.5.4 w/ Speedstep guess i'll wait. thank god for CCC.
  9. 10.5.5 update?

    Updating on SpeedStep. Will report back.
  10. OSX86Tools Final Release is Here

    Awesome release!!! This may very well be the beginning of a new OS for many that were previously deterred by the thought of having to search for drivers.
  11. Finally got it!

    cool beans
  12. Can't get wifi working

    hmm...chipsets? (maybe somebody else knows what those have) anyhow, i would go with a Zydas based device: http://zydas.rapla.net/ the drivers are available on here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=34071
  13. I did install it on the external. I reinserted the iatkos disc and fully installed it on the 1st partition with a different selection of drivers/kernels ( i did this install twice now). I have reason to believe that the 1st partition is not what the bios is attempting to boot from when i change the boot secquence to usb hdd. I guess the real question is how do i get the bios to boot from the 1st partition as opposed to the other 2 non-bootable ones?
  14. Hi, my question may be dumb and simply answered but anyways, here it goes: OS X running perfect on internal hdd(for now). I have an external with 3 partitions: 1.OS X Test (for updates/changes/etc.) 2.Time Machine Backups 3.Random junk I recently re-installed OS X onto the 1st partition with some different selections in kernels/drivers etc. and i want to simply boot it and test it. When i restart the pc, i change the boot to external usb hdd...no good. It appears to not be booting from the 1st partition (the only bootable one) as it has a blinking icon. I went back into my internal OS X and I tried a sudo cmd to make a boot menu before OS X loads...no help(as i expected). All i want to do is be able to go back and fourth for test purposes. Any help?
  15. Trying to dual boot of USB

    oh boy... i don't think i'd switch to OSX as my only OS if i was running AMD...too unstable with certain apps (or just unstable for that matter.)