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[SOLVED] [dualboot] doesnt work anymore / winload.exe error

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hey everyone,


at first...excuse the following bad english ;-P


ok...i've got a little problem with my os-x/vista system.

the vista partition wont boot anymore. i recognised after updating to leopard 10.5.4

..before that, it was running very well.


(how this was done: vista was already installed, created a 20gb hfs+ partion, installed os-x, installed chameleon. everything was nice)


if i want to start the vista partition now, it says ⁄windows⁄system32⁄winload.exe is missing

i checked my ntfs partions under os-x....they are well. all files are where they have to be.



i tried to reinstall chameleon, but it doesnt help. :angel:



any suggestions how to fix that????



thanks for helping...




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you need to insert the OSX DVD boot into it, press F8 then type "-s" without quotes for boot option


when you see something like #sh.3xxx


type the following:


fdisk -e /dev/disk0

flag 1






disk0 means the first disk of your pc (the one that vista/xp is installed) and flag 1 means the partition Vista/XP is installed.

by entering the previous commands, you activate the first partition.


now boot into Vista/XP installation DVD/CD and do a repair on your vista/xp installation.


once it is done, boot into OSX DVD again, press F8 and -s as startup option again


type the following if you use the OSX boot menu to choose between OSes :


fdisk -e /dev/disk0

flag 2





now when you reboot on the second partition , when you press F8 on the Darwin Boot menu you should be able to load both OSes...

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i already fixed it by my self....


this it how it goes:



1. boot a gparted live cd

2. remove the boot flag from the hfs+ partition

3. add the boot-flag to your nfts partition

4. boot a vista-setup-dvd

5. repairoptions -> auto-repair-startup

6. after this, windows should boot again.

7. boot gparted-live-cd again.

8. remove boot-flag from the ntfs-partion

9. add boot-flag to hfs+ partition

10. quit and enjoy yout dual-boot-system.



have a nice day!

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