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RME Digi96/8 PCI Not found, please help i love this card


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Hiya, im trying to use my RME Digi96/8 PST sound card with my hackintosh. I understand thet pci cards do not show up in the about this mac section but i know osx can see it as ive checked lspci using osx86 tools and it is corectly identified.


lspci shows the following 04:00.0 Multimedia audio controller [0401]: Xilinx Corporation RME Digi96/8 Pad [10ee:3fc3] (rev 05)


I have tried to install the driver from the RME website but it doesnt seem to see the card. Do i need a .kext file to make OSX see my card or is something else worth trying.


C'mon guys i really need your help. I have succeeded where others have failed so far in other things.


My system is as follows


Gygabyte GA-EP35-DS3P Motherboard

8.0GB DDR2 Ram

2.83Ghz Intel Quad core Processor

Sparkle 8800GT 512MB QE/CI Fully working

RME Digi96/8 Sound Not working

OCZ SataII 120GB SSD AHCI Enabled


The sound is the only thing not fully working at the moment. I really need the help of a genius.


Thanks Guys



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c'mon guys, i dont like bumping up forum posts as i know it upsets people but im getting desperate for ideas. I dont want to have to fork out for a new sound card if i can avoid it. The only one worth having from what i can see is the new RME HDSPe AIO and thats £450.


Pleeeeeeeeeease help.

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Seams to me that only UAD cards work correctly. I have 2 old pci MOTUs but i doesnt work in diferent computers.

Maybe you can try an exerna PCI adaptor via firewire or USB. Its no elegant but its possible to achieve sucess.


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