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Zepto Znote 6224


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After a lot of problems with Kalyway 10.5.2 (USB ports not working), I installed the 10.5.2 ->10.5.3 patch and voila, the USB ports are all working! However, I got no functional network cards. From what I've read the internal wifi (intel 4965 I think) is a no go, but the Ethernet (Broadcom 57XX) should be able to work. I kinda fked up before the install as I formated my XP install before I had a chance to get the dev id, which doesn't help at all...


So, my question is this, has anybody got a similar machine and got it working? I'd be eternally grateful for any help :). Maybe there's a simpler solution; just go out and buy a compatible PCI-E slot in wifi card?


EDIT: Perhaps one of these solutions might work in the mean time;


1. Airport Extreme PCI card



2. USB Ethernet Adapter


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