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Slow Booting Once More (iAtkos)


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I've been using my machine for a little over two months now. I installed iAtkos v4i around 4 times until finally settling down with an install I thought was perfect (minor USB problems though, but no biggie). During the first few weeks, it boots up quite slowly, but eventually settled into a 30 second average start-up time--that includes everything from the BIOS boot until the whole thing becomes usable.


Two days ago, I tried to see if the stock kernel that comes with v4i would work on my machine, so I did an upgrade and archive. After the installation, it didn't get pass into the Apple booting screen but got stuck in that screen where I could type in boot options. Deciding the installation failed, I re-installed (using upgrade and archive again) buth used the options I had before.


Now I'm back to getting a slow boot time--around 2 and a half minutes before the machine becomes usable. I know that the boot time immediately after the installation is painfully slow, but is it normal for the booting process to speed up as time goes by? Or should I shoot down my hopes of returning back to a 30 second bootup?


I've made so many minor "fixes" since my good installation two months ago that I don't know if there was something there that made my bootup go faster.


Any ideas?

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