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    GMA X4500

    Guys, we're all in this together.. As everyone knows, we were all hoping that we would be getting GMA 4500 support in the new Macbooks, but Apple decided to scrap that idea and just go with NVidia. It was good news to NVidia users, but not to us. There are three things we could do: first is get another video card or replace our laptops--which is the last thing in my mind right now. The second is we could wait for the Macworld Expo this January and hope that we get support for GMA 4500 through the new Mac Pros (and perhaps the new Mac Minis, if Apple does release them). That's the best case scenario because we're going to get native drivers. So we'll have to cross our fingers for that. And finally, if all else fails, I guess we'll just have to write drivers ourselves. As was written in this thread, Intel recently released the documentation that we need to write drivers, including those for GMA 4500. It's the best thing I've actually read all week, and it gives us hope that we will be able to make our graphics work. The only problem with that is that this will take a lot of effort and a lot of skill. So we shouldn't give up. It'll work out, I think..
  2. keeto

    Intel GMA driver sources released

    This is like, an early christmas present! I'll still be waiting until the Macworld Expo to see if there's a possibility of getting a native driver for GMA 4500, but if not, I'll probably start working on actually writing a driver myself. If anyone's interested to help, please let me know.. and perhaps point me to the documentation concerning the driver architectures for OS X. I'm getting giddy..
  3. keeto

    [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    I have a Compaq CQ40 and I ran OSX86 Tools to get my audio device. It gave me this: 00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:293e] (rev 03) I downloaded age_sabres18's AppleHDA.kext from rapidshare and installed it, and it works.. sort of.. The internal speakers and the headphone jack works (the system detects headphones when I plug them in), but the first problem was that I kept on getting kernel panics every time I shutdown. That was easily solved by fixing permissions using OnyX. The only problem I have now is that the internal microphone and mic jack don't work. They're detected in SP but like others, Audio preferences doesn't give me a way to control it them, nor is my mic detected when I plug it in.. I've read all about pin configs in this post, but I'm totally lost. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.. Keeto
  4. For those who can't get the FFScroll Prefpane to load, try looking for the "com.apple.driver.ApplePS2Trackpad" plist under /Library/Preferences/. Then copy that file to ~/Library/Preferences (aka /Users/<your_username>/Library/Preferences/). I got this from Ranova's thread here. Apparently, FFScroll won't load unless that plist file exists in both Library/Preferences directory on the root of the system and on the user's root.
  5. On the issue of not getting tap-clicking when you sleep... With my Compaq CQ40 notebook, I found out that tap-clicking will work if I enable the "Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screensaver" in the Security Preference Pane. In fact, I could tap click on the controls on password prompt--which was how I discovered this little fix. But otherwise, I get the same "no tap-click" bug when I wake up the computer with no password prompt. By the way, I didn't even had to restart to get it working. It just does that when I enable that option in System Preferences. And since we're using laptops, isn't this option something we should all enable?.. Hope this helps anyone..
  6. I've been doing more research on the topic, and apparently, it's a very common issue.. But still.. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  7. I have a new Compaq Presario CQ40-121TU, with the specs: - Celeron 575 (2.00GHz, 667MHz, 1MB L2) - 160GB Hard Drive 5400rpm (Serial ATA) - 2GB DDR2 - Intel GL40 (Cantiga GL) I tried using the iAtkos v4i, since I already had success with it on my desktop pc. Unfortunately, it doesn't boot using the DVD and instead just hangs on the "Waiting for root device" part and shows "EHCI unable to obtain ownership from BIOS" errors. I think it might be a BIOS problem, and I saw on some threads that enabling the "hand-off" and "legacy usb" solves this problem. But dirt is more usable than Compaq's BIOS--which doesn't give any way to configure those things. I already tried booting using an external DVD drive with no success. Is there any way I can install Leopard on this computer? I know it's not impossible since the hardware is more or less compatible, right? Can anyone suggest a fix or maybe another way? Will other "distros" work? I'm downloading JaS 10.5 right now... Thanks in advance..
  8. I've been using my machine for a little over two months now. I installed iAtkos v4i around 4 times until finally settling down with an install I thought was perfect (minor USB problems though, but no biggie). During the first few weeks, it boots up quite slowly, but eventually settled into a 30 second average start-up time--that includes everything from the BIOS boot until the whole thing becomes usable. Two days ago, I tried to see if the stock kernel that comes with v4i would work on my machine, so I did an upgrade and archive. After the installation, it didn't get pass into the Apple booting screen but got stuck in that screen where I could type in boot options. Deciding the installation failed, I re-installed (using upgrade and archive again) buth used the options I had before. Now I'm back to getting a slow boot time--around 2 and a half minutes before the machine becomes usable. I know that the boot time immediately after the installation is painfully slow, but is it normal for the booting process to speed up as time goes by? Or should I shoot down my hopes of returning back to a 30 second bootup? I've made so many minor "fixes" since my good installation two months ago that I don't know if there was something there that made my bootup go faster. Any ideas?