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Gigabyte GA965P-DS4 Install

Peter R.

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Sitting with two PC's under my desk was getting a bit too much. Since I never use both systems simultaneously, and I seem to be leaning towards the Hack more and more, I decided to build an quick swap Machine.


The Windoze box was :


Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4 Mobo, with ALC888 sound and yucon 8056 on board NIC

Intel E6750 Core2Duo

2 GB Ram (8 GB is on order)

Sapphire Ati 3780 512 Mb videocard

1 * 320 GB Sata HD with Windoze Vista 64 bit Ultimate

1 * 250 Gb HD with all sorts of {censored} on it

2 * 19" Samsung 940 BF 2ms monitors

Logitech Wave KB

M$ Mouse.


First, I purchased an Antec 900 case, since the small Gigabyte case that housed the separate Hack is micro ATX only, and the 965P board is ATX. The box that housed the winblows system was cheap and nasty. A bit like Winblows itself, actually :angel:


With it I got an IcyBox SATA ramovable internal rack.


I transferred all the parts to the Antec box, and loaded the Winblows drive in the IcyBox.


This brought up the 'Doze box as per usual, no surprizes.


I then shut down and replaced the Windoze disk by the Hack disk I took out of the dedicated box.


Booted with iATKOS v4i DVD.


First I erased the existing OSX partition on the HD.


From the iATKOS options I selected :


9.4.0 Vanilla Kernel

2xxx-3xxx Ati drivers


Intel chipset


And proceeded with the installation.


Al went amazingly well and the system came up with full GL support and, after the registration screen, on two monitors (strangely, apple and Microsoft seem to have different view on left and right screens. I changed it on the M$ Box)


I then installed the AppleYucon2.kext in an attempt to get the network gooing, but this failed miserably. I then did the 'Royco' fix as on this board (manual editing info.plist) and subsequently the network screamed into life.


Next was Tthe Mighty Taruga's AppleHDApatcherv1.20 with the alc888.txt file (link on this board)


Sound works OK, but still no front panel audio out.


And that was it.


After reinstalling some software al is now functional, witht his exception og the front panel audio.


A big thanks to the iATKOS team, Taruga and the maker of the 'Royco' howto !


Peter R.


P.S. Haven't used the Winblows box since :P

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