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Anyone purchased new Mac with ADC Hardware Purchase Program?


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I've recently discovered that with a combination of being a university student and the $99 ADC Hardware Purchase program ( http://developer.apple.com/products/student.html ) I can get quite a discount on a new Mac. I am thinking of buying a new 17" Macbook Pro if the new ones come out within the next month (I'm hoping!!). The usual student discount is about $200, so the price is $2599 + tax instead of $2799 + tax.


I've read on a few different web sites that the ADC Student discount is around 20%, so the cost (including the $99 ADC membership) would be around $2400.


Have any of you reading this gone this route? Does this sound about right?


Thanks :-)




Edit: Nevermind, there's an ADC store that shows what the price is. Even though the price savings is quite substantial over the retail and even the education discount, eBay is still cheaper, even on the very latest models (mostly due to sales tax issues).

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