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OSX 86 on raid 1, dualboot with vista x64


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well title says it all, i built a new rig for my dad to replace his aging 867mhz powerbook G4 and want to install tiger oon a raid 0 system


config is the following:



4GB ram

abit ix38 quadgt

2x seagate 7200.11 640gb

hd 3870


so far i managed it to install the system on one of the drives using ideneb (will do kalyway next time, too many things xchanged, especially background images)


audio, graphics, cores, ram, all detected without any problems so i know the system is fully compatible :(


does anyone know a s step by step guide to get raid 1 working on the ich9r so the drives are mirrored in vista AND osx?


additionally i have problems resuming from sleep when using S3 mode, it appears to return properly but i have no signal from the graphics card so sleep only works 100% when using S1 which doesn't power off the fans..


any input is appreciated, i REALLY want to get this dam RAID 1 up and running :D

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