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KEXT Problems


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Thanks everyone ahead of time for the help. Heres my issue:


I installed 10.5.2 using kallaway and got it to 10.5.4 working fine except TM. I searched through some forum posts and found a "better IONetworkingFamily.kext". I copied that over to the /system/library/extensions folder and had TM working except that I couldn't actually go into TM's space view. TM backup didn't work either. I found another patch that supposedly fixed this issue by replacing /system/library/extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/contents/MacOS/IONetworkingFamily with a custom version.


Needles to say after bootup into regular mode I get the following two errors:




However, booting into safe mode (-x at the darwin x86 prompt) boots leo fine with no problems. Except ofcourse that TM doesn't work at all ;(


Any help here would be greatly appriciated.


Thank you

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Try opening the Terminal application (located in the Application -> Utilities folder) then type in the following commands and hit the enter key after each one.


 sudo -s
chown -R 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext
chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext
rm -r /System/Library/Extensions/Caches
rm -r /System/Library/Caches
rm  /System/Library/Extensions.mkext


After you type in the sudo -s it will ask you for the password you set on install after you enter it all the commands listed will be run with root user permission like they need to be. Now when you reboot you need to hit the F8 key to get to the boot loader screen to use the hit any key option to be able to type in then hit the enter key -v -f this will boot in text mode so you can see what is going on along with forcing the reloading of all .kext installed while at the same time rebuilding the caches.

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