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Time Machine : Who Can Use The Drive?

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I'm planning on buying a time machine for myself but it will be used as a router for my apartment which I share with other roomates. Can anyone using the time capsule as a router mount the drive (mac and pc) in the time capsule? Is there a way to block certain MAC addresses from accessing the drive? Or can I password protect the drive?





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To access the settings such as MAC stuff and blocking access its all done from the Airport Utility app on a Mac or for a PC use the included CD for Time Capsule.

I have the 1TB version and have dragged and dropped a file from the bedroom onto the TC in the hall and picked the file up on my mac in the living room. Its easy as Pi...


It does everything you expect it to do. I have it set up as Time Machine and a media server, which is my iPhoto and iTunes libraries floating around m house. Everything is fast good and reliable.


Think Mark

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