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nvidia xfx 7900gtx Quartz Extreme required kalway 10-5-2


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Hi All Just finished installing movie08 etc nd get the error Quartz Extreme required

Everything with my install went smooth with the kalway 10 5 2. first time THANKS TO LOADS OF USEFUL INFO ON THE SITE :(


Just getting to grips with the mac software I had never used it before but would also like more control over resolution dual screen etc. 1024*768 on both displays

I know the nvidia XFX 7900gtx 512mb is not naturally supported but i would like to know how to get the best out it. what version of inject do i need.

I would like to get it to work with Imovie etc.


My set up is as follows


E6600 core duo (stepping b2) ps might upgrade this to a q6600 in a week or two


P5wdh deluxe


2gb ram gskill hz6400


3 sata drives Samsung drives 250gb a 300gb and 500gb sata drives


NEC Dvdrw. lableflash via ide ide


Nvidia 7900gtx. (single card)


All water cooled in a nice flash coolermaster case

thanks again for any help in advance


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I have just installed the vniject into my leopard install drivers 0.2.0 and I now get a black screen with mouse in top left and then image of mouse pointer

post kalway install

if i start in safe mode eg -x then it appears to have worked when i check the display drivers do i need to manual edit anything but i boot as normal i get a black screen.

my card is the xfx 7900gtx nvidia 512mb

any help with this also welcome.



ps I changed my video card out which one would you guys choose to work along side osx i dont fancy starting to boot flash my video cards bios???

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