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Quad Core [Design & Photography] Workstation Advice

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Hi guys. I hate to be the person that starts the n00b threads, but I really am a bit lost here! I've been reading up on the whole OSx86 malarky, and as a Mac user and poor student; I was wondering if I could have some advice.


Essentially, I'm after the most powerful and stable rig as possible, to use as my main design rig. I currently own a MacBook 2.0ghz/2gb and it's getting a big laggy with 10 megapixel images @ 300dpi with most of the Adobe Creative Suite open, as well as iTunes, Firefox, Mail etc.


I need a motherboard that supports firewire if possible, because I have an Apogee Duet DAC for sound output. If this isn't supported properly, I can always just use my MacBook as the music machine while I work, but this isn't 100% ideal. Other than that I need a graphics card that's adequate and stable, but I shalln't be doing too much gaming in Windows. Also, an Intel Q6600 (no issues here I guess), and 6-8gb of RAM. I already own a good case, PSU, hard drives, optical drive and displays. I must note that dual monitor support is essential.


So, for £500-600 tops, what motherboard/RAM/CPU & graphics card would be the best for me?


Thanks in advance,


-dodgeh :D

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Go to my post here click on my wish list.


Pick and choose what you need from the list then shop around for best price.


This setup will get you what you want.


Not sure about Apogee Duet DAC support...never heard of it! :thumbsup_anim:


Just make sure your power supply can handle a quad core processor.

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